Microsoft on Pre-loading feature for Xbox One: “Yes, we want this feature as well”, No words of date


Sony via Playstation 4 firmware 1.7 added pre-loading feature, and with of help of which players will be able to pre-loading games days in advance and play it exactly at 12:01 on the date of release. For example, Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs is available for pre-load for PS4 owners who have pre-ordered it.

Xbox OneThis pre-load feature is still not available on Microsoft’s Xbox One. Recently on Reddit, a user named “NuBlueForever” created a thread titled “Xbox One Needs Pre Loading Feature!” and listed drawbacks on not having pre-load option:

“Because i have crappy internet when i download digital games on launch day it takes forever, for example, when i downloaded Titanfall from the Xbox Store it took me around 12 hours to fully download and install. I hope they add this feature in the May update, because i would like to buy Watch Dogs digitally.”

The thread received support from other Reddit users and also got attention of Microsoft’s Major Nelson. He didn’t promised anything but assured that Microsoft is also looking into adding this feature to Xbox one as well.

Nelson replied: “All I can say right now is that yes, we want this feature as well.”

When asked: How far down the backlog are we talking here, single digits, double digits? Nelson replied: “All I can say right now” means exactly that.”

Its indeed one of the most requested feature from Xbox One owners, we just hope that Microsoft give it to them via May 2014 firmware. Tell us in the comment section below what other feature apart from Pre-load you guys want to see for Xbox One.