Microsoft puts dGPU Xbox One rumor to rest, says “Performance Difference is Greatly Overstated”


Albert Penello, the man behind upcoming Xbox One and Kinect has finally denied all rumors related to dGPU of Xbox One. Penello stated on Twitter, “No add’l dGPU. Working on more tech deep-dives. XBO is plenty capable now and in the future. Perf. differences are greatly overstated.”

Xbox OneFor those who are unaware of, dGPU is a a graphics processing unit or GPU (also occasionally called visual processing unit or VPU) is a specialized circuit designed to rapidly manipulate and alter memory in such a way so as to accelerate the building of images in a frame buffer intended for output to a display, so in other words a dGPU is a “hidden” GPU.

Xbox One is schedule to arrive on November 22 in 13 regions.