Microsoft Releases New DirectX 12 Trailer, says Windows 10 Is “The Best Windows Ever For Gaming”


Microsoft has released a trailer for DirectX 12, a technology which is said to give game developers the ability to harness the full capabilities of a PC’s GPU(s) and raise the bar on a graphic fidelity and immersive gameplay. You can watch the trailer below. The feedbacks i have received from few of our readers are not good, and they provided a specific instance from the trailer as an example: DX11 to DX12 comparison of Deus Ex looks like a PC tech trailer with certain effects being toggled (volumetric lighting and others).


In addition to this, Microsoft also stated that the latest Windows Operating System (Windows 10) is the “Best Windows Ever for Gaming”. What do you guys have to say about this new trailer of DirectX 12. Is this tech really looks ground-breaking, as touted as the marketing team of Microsoft? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.