Microsoft Waiting For PS4 Neo Reveal, Wants The “Power Crown” Back With Scorpio, E3 2016 Details Leaked


E3 2016 could be the great Electronic Entertainment Expo edition ever, according to Microsoft’s recent claims and Sony’s underground strategy, which could lead to new consoles announcement when we’re just a few days away from the official kick-off. Microsoft will be the first platform holder to go on stage, right after EA Play and Bethesda show will provide us with the details about their 2016-17 portfolio, and there’s a lot of anticipation for what they might possibly have in store.

Xbox One vs PS4

We recently had a talk with an insider who prefers to stay anonymous, and now have a better and clearer idea about what could be coming in a few days from Microsoft and Sony in terms of E3 2016 showcases.

It looks like Sony is going all in with a “games, games, games” strategy, the very same Microsoft adopted last year, and giving the idea more “exclusives” are coming for PlayStation 4. And indeed a lot of exclusives will be on stage, including Horizon, God of War, a new IP from Sony Bend, Gran Turismo Sport and one more “surprise” in an “early state” (The Last of Us 2?).

On the other hand, Microsoft is planning on announcing a new Xbox console, but Scorpio, we’ve been told, it’s way less powerful in comparison with the 6-8 TFLOPS rumors floating around the internet for a while (dubbed as “undeniably ridicolous”).

The Redmond based platform holder is reportedly waiting for Sony to make the first move, and Sony somehow ‘delaying’ PlayStation 4 Neo (it is not being announced at E3 2016) could push Microsoft to delay its announcement as well. “Spec details won’t ship out until after E3 because they want Sony to unveil everything first so they can upstage them as soon as they do,” we’ve been said by our sources.

What’s sure is Microsoft’s will to get back the “power crown back” and “if it takes building a machine that is a “premium” device and more expensive, so be it,” so it looks like this new platform would be more powerful in comparison with Sony’s.

Our only doubt at this point it is only whether Microsoft is launching a Slim console, as rumored a few weeks ago, in the wait for Scorpio finally arriving next year or not. It is clear as of now Sony is not making a PS4 Slim but passing directly to Neo: could this be the right way to keep the lead with the current PlayStation 4 build?