Microsoft/Xbox Team Slams PS4 Pro Announcement, says “Xbox One S Offers Everything At Just $299 Now”

With Sony announcing PS4 Pro, a brand new PlayStation 4 capable of running native 4K graphics, it is clear someone out there can have its own reactions and make of this announcement whatever they want. Even Microsoft can, and actually did.

On Twitter, several Microsoft exec have indeed provided their comments about what happened today in New York, mainly detailing there’s something Xbox One S is already able of doing (such as HDR) and giving more reasons why they’re not impressed.

PS4 Pro Slam

First, the Xbox official account issued this tweet, comparing things Xbox One S can do with what Sony promised with PS4 Pro. They even remarked the $299 price tag.

Gaming Platform at Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra added that the official Xbox Twitter account had the release date missing right there, which is “now”.

Albert Penello commented that he’s “feeling good about our lineup”, while former Microsoft and Sony Phil Harrison remarked it wasn’t the right choice to provide HDR content during a non-HDR capable livestream.

Now it’s your turn: what you think about PS4 Pro? Is it a good move from Sony, or you’ll stick to Xbox One S until Project Scorpio releases next year?