Microsoft’s top priority “improving Xbox One CPU performance”, looking for Senior Software Development Engineer


On paper Microsoft’s Xbox One looks slightly less powerful than rival Sony’s Playstation 4, however it seems like Microsoft is leaving no stone unturned to optimize/improve performance of Xbox One, as per the details in the recent job listing for Senior Software Development Engineer.

Microsoft is looking for Senior Software Development Engineer and the experience section reads “interested candidate must have experience in CPU performance and optimization along with C/C++ compiler architecture.”

“Experience in any the following areas is a plus: low level debugging on Windows platforms; CPU performance tuning on one or more platforms; C/C++ compiler architecture; assembly languages; digital signal processing; Direct3D and general 3D graphics concepts”

In addition to this, interested candidate must also have technical knowledge of cloud computing and games development: “working directly with game developers to understand and address their technical problems; researching and developing incubations, samples, and white papers that illustrate advanced techniques”

You guys can check out the job listing HERE. Microsoft has time and again defended Xbox One power by stating its still early days of next-gen consoles and it will take developers time to efficiently utilize its full power.