Middle-earth: Shadow of War Leaked 5 Days Before Release

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is scheduled to launch on October 10 worldwide for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, there are few lucky players who have already got their hands onto the legit retail and digital copy of the game early. Reddit user Frackbird is one of them, he managed to get the copy of Middle-earth: Shadow of War early on a North American Xbox One through game sharing. Here’s what Frackbird says:

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Leaked Early

“I’m on Xbox One, Canada, game purchased on an American Xbox (game sharing) and we both have access to the game right now. Currently on I think the second mission? Can supply proof if needed, but I am mostly looking for confirmation that others have access.”

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Leaked

After this announcement, Frackbird started streaming Middle-earth: Shadow of War on Twitch as a proof, but it was suspended and shut down by Twitch. In short, Middle-earth: Shadow of War is already available to select few lucky players, if you are looking playing the game later this week and don’t want things to be spoiled the stay away from the everything that reads – Shadow of War on the internet (especially on social media platforms) until October 10.

Source: Reddit