Minecraft Beta 1.8 Bug fix list

Minecraft co-developer Jen has revealed the long list of Minecraft beta 1.8 bug. Jens also promised to start working on fixing these bugs.

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According to details revealed, the fixes range from items not working properly to removing the glitches that caused the game to crash. Check out the list of bugs below, that Jens says “are the things I’ve [Jens] been working on”:

  • SSP chunk memory leak
  • Mineshaft density (half now)
  • Increased stronghold count to 3 per map instead of one
  • Furnace tile entity crash
  • Crafting bench ghost items
  • Vines (and leaves) crash in nether
  • Use item animation in SMP (blocking and eating)
  • Blocking in SMP
  • Sprinting with right-click or sneaking
  • Added some blocks to creative mode
  • Fixed dropping items
  • Nothing can be eaten in creative mode
  • Enderman client-side problems
  • Chicken and cow drop burned food
  • Squids drop exp
  • 1.7 worlds should get structures
  • Farmlands rejecting melon and pumpkin seeds
  • Bonemeal on melons and pumpkins
  • Bonemeal on mushroom only works on dirt or grass
  • Added item drops for cracked and mossy smooth stone brick
  • Adjusted fog strength at low positions