Minecraft Free For PS4, PS3 And PS Vita via Glitch In EU PSN Store, Here Are Steps You Need To Follow

Minecraft PS Vita Screen

This is your best chance to get Minecraft on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita for free of cost, all thanks to a glitch. Whether, the glitch is still working or Sony fixed it we have no idea but here are the steps you need to follow to access the glitch which results in free edition of Minecraft for PlayStation platforms.


Step 1:

  • The glitch appeared on EU PSN Store, so create a European PSN account.

Step 2:

  • Search for minecraft on the PC store of the PSN. The best example i can provide you here is This One on French PS Store.

Step 3:

  • Get the PS3 Demo for free on the PC store

Step 4:

  • Get the Vita Demo version for free on the PC store

Step 5:

  • Now navigate back to PS3 version of Minecraft on the PC Store. The Full version will be available for FREE of cost.

And all thanks to Cross Buy feature from Sony, PS Vita version of the game will also be available for free, and this also means PS4 version will also be available for free or at reduced price of EUR 3.99