Minecraft: The Update Aquatic floods the game with new water-themed content


Minecon Earth held a few interesting announcements for Minecraft fans this past weekend, namely in the form of The Update Aquatic, a slew of new underwater-themed additions to the game. 

The update will add shipwrecks to explore underwater as well as a new trident to help stave off enemies while swimming around down there. It can be thrown or you can just keep stabbing at baddies over and over until they finally buzz off. You can even enchant it if you so choose, with the Loyalty enchantment for one that makes it come back to you like a boomerang after you throw it. It can also utilize Slipstream and Impaler enchantments, but Mojang kept mum about what those might entail.

There’s also a whole new set of fish, coral, kelp, and sweet little dolphins that have been added to the ocean areas of Minecraft, which opens up a whole new world of stuff to check out. That’s all in tandem with the announcement that Minecraft’s water physics overall will be seeing changes. There’s no specific news on how exactly this will change how the game currently uses water, but as there’s now a whole wealth of things to do beneath the ocean, it makes sense that this area is something Mojang is focusing on improving. 

Things are getting fishy in Minecraft: The Update Aquatic, but as of right now there’s no Steve Zissou to be found. There’s no release date just yet either, but it should be coming soon.