Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Has “More Consistent 60fps” On XB1, But At What Cost? First Performance Analysis

Mirror's Edge Catalyst

With Mirror’s Edge Catalyst already playable on Xbox One through the EA Access subscription-based service, we’re already able to take a look at how the game runs on Microsoft’s console, in terms of resolution and frame rate. These are the main points of NX Gamer’s analysis:

Mirror's Edge Catalyst

  • Motion Blur removed in final release. Makes the game sharper.
  • 720p. But improved AA
  • Textures still not very consistent like in the beta. Some textures don’t load in or very slowly.
  • Improved performance. More consistent 60FPS. No more regular dips in the 40FPS like in the beta. But some dips to 55FPS or 54FPS.

It looks like DICE pointed everything on making the game run as smooth as they can, reaching the target of more consistent 60fps, although the developer did this by lowering graphics’ overall quality.

We’ll wait and see how the new Mirror’s Edge ultimately came out for PC and PS4 soon.