Miyazaki Assures Fans: Not To Worry About Quality Of Dark Souls III and Unannounced Bloodborne DLC

Hidetaka Miyazaki is currently handling/working on two projects simultaneously, Dark Souls III and Bloodborne DLC. There is a sense of uneasiness among fans as they think this simultaneously working policy of Hidetaka Miyazaki might harm all the quality of both projects.

Dark Souls III

Miyazaki via Gamespot has issued a statement addressing fans that they should not worry at all about the quality of Dark Souls III and Bloodborne as he has worked on multiple projects simultaneously in the past as well.

“The bottom line is, I think I can do it. I believe I can do both the Bloodborne DLC and Dark Souls 3. This isn’t the first time I’ve had to work on two projects at the same time.”

“When I was doing Demon’s Souls, I was also working on Armoured Core: For Answer. Even for the original Dark Souls, I acted as producer and director.”

Miyazaki later went on to explain that he is not the only one focusing on Director level job of Dark Souls III, another director works beside him and handles some of his task. This allows Miyazaki enough time to concentrate on Bloodborne DLC.

“In the case of Bloodborne, although I was the lead game director, there was another director level person that also contributed. This is the same for Dark Souls 3.”

“Actually, [Yui] Tanimura-san, the director of Dark Souls 2, has already joined the [Dark Souls 3] team, which will allow me to work on core gameplay design while other things are taken care of.”

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