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Pachirisu is exclusive to Canada and Alaska in Pokémon Go

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Pachirisu In Pokemon Go Is Exclusive To Canada And Alaska

Another Sinnoh Pokémon is reportedly set to be exclusive to a particular region.

Report: Riolu is available in 10km eggs in Pokemon Go

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Riolu Available In 10 KM Egg In Pokemon Go

Riolu, one of the Pokemon series most well known and favorite Pokémon, is reportedly appearing in 10km eggs in Pokémon Go. The report follows the release of generation four Sinnoh Pokemon into Pokémon Go earlier today. 


Chatot and Carnivine appear to be regional exclusive Pokémon in Pokémon Go

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Ado Chatot Is Regional Exclusive In Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go released its first wave of generation four Sinnoh Pokemon earlier today, giving trainers the chance to catch 20 of the region's Pokémon before more are added to the game in future waves

Fourth generation Sinnoh Pokemon are live now in Pokemon Go

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Fourth generation Sinnoh Pokemon Are Live In Pokemon Go

The fourth generation of Pokemon is finally arriving in Pokémon Go later this week, giving trainers an abundance of new creatures to find and capture in the overworld.

You can hatch Farfetch'd, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime, and Tauros in Pokémon Go eggs until Oct. 8

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Pokemon Go - Hatch Farfetch'd

The four Pokémon have been hatchable since the start of September and were expected to leave the game later today. But Niantic announced on social media that it'll expand the allotted time that trainers have to hatch these Pokémon by eight days.

October's Pokemon Go Community Day will offer increased Beldum spawns

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October's Pokemon Go Comunity Day - Beldum Spawns

Niantic are continuing the trend of rolling out  Pokemon Go Community Day Pokemon by announcing that Beldum will be the next pocket monster to takeover the game on Oct. 21 from 1pm to 4PM CT.

Korea Consumer Agency Calls Pokemon Go Refund Policy Unfair

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Pokemon Go Refund

Korea Consumer Agency points out Pokemon Go’s refund policy terms are anti-consumer, Niantic is immune to any obligations on different grounds on the basis of TOS.

Pokemon GO Easter Special Event Eggstravaganza Kicks Off, Double XP, Lucky Eggs Cost 50% Off & More

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Pokemon GO Easter Special Event Eggstravaganza

Earn Double XP Bonus, Buy Lucky Eggs at 50% Off, Epic Pokemon Hatches in 2KM eggs during Eggstravaganza in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go new update will add 80 plus new Pokemons

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Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go upcoming update promises will fill lots of new content for the game, a refreshing add-on for the players to hunt.

Flexible LCD display for Smartphone's coming up in 2018

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Japan Display Incorporated plans to go for full scale productions of their proprietary FULL ACTIVETM FLEX flexible display in 2018 with 1080p resolution.