Modern Warfare 2 Patch Fix

Well good news gamers for you as Patch for Mordern Warfare 2 is available which will update the care package exploit and it also add various new features in it.

The various problem and bugs fix in this Mordern Warfare 2 Patch are listed below have a look at it:

  • This Mordern Warfare 2 Patch will limit the speed of various weapons to noraml level, these are Sentry Gun marker grenades sprint and other things like Emergency Airdrop and Care Package
  • This Mordern Warfare 2 Patch will fix the problem for infinite care package
  • Now you will haVe a much improve placement detection of Sentry Gun
  • Now the Bling Akimbo Fmj Model 1887 will have the same sort of damage and range power as that of non Bling Model of 1887
  • This Patch also fix the negative XP hack including various others also

So gamers have this Modern Warfare 2 patch for Xbox 360, PlayStation and enjoy your gameplay further.