Mojang is letting Minecraft fans vote on the next monster mob to join the game


Mojang’s Minecon Earth event is happening tomorrow on Saturday, Nov. 18. In celebration of the event, the company will hold a vote for fans to help decide the next mob of monsters that will be coming to Minecraft

Of course, there are no opportunities to create new mobs, but there are four to vote from. Right now players can choose from the following monsters.

The Monster of the Ocean Depths is an ocean-dwelling monster that can drown you with its tentacle that behaves like a tongue.  

The Monster of the Night Skies is a flying creature that looks like a manta ray. If you haven’t slept, it’ll be coming after you.

The Great Hunger is an unassuming mob that will burrow into the ground and simply sit in wait for things to fall into its enormous mouth. 

Finally, The Hovering Inferno is a larger Blaze that will only show up in the Nether. It can screw up your day with a shockwave attack, and with how annoying Blazes already are, this souns like a real pain.

This selection of mob monsters sounds like an interesting set of additions, but only one will make the cut. Fans will have their voices heard during the Minecon Earth livestream, which starts on Saturday, Nov. 18 at 12pm ET. There’s no word yet on how viewers and attendees will cast their votes, but if you’re a Minecraft fan, you’ll definitely want to tune in and find these things out.