Monster Hunter World Beta Download Live, Size 5.47 GB Only

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Monster Hunter: World Beta or you can say Demo is now available for pre-load (download) via PlayStation Store, size 5.47 GB. Players will be available to just pre-load the Monster Hunter World beta right, it will be playable starting from December 9 at 9 AM and the servers will be shut down on December 12 at 8:59 AM PST.

Monster Hunter World Beta Download Live

According to the details revealed by Sony via PlayStation Store, Monster Hunter World Beta (Demo) will give players access to 3 quests that will be set across two different maps: the dense, verdant foliage of the Ancient Forest and the arid sands of the Wildspire Waste.

Each of the three quests will feature a different monster for you to try your hand at hunting. The good news is that you won’t go against the monster alone, you can team up online in co-op multiplayer with up to 4 players.

Here are the three Quests that feature in Monster Hunter World (Beta/Demo)

  • Beginners: Hunt the Great Jagras in the Ancient Forest
  • Intermediate: Hunt the Barroth in the Wildspire Waste
  • Experts: Hunt the Anjanath in the Ancient Forest

Please Note: The Monster Hunter World beta is available only for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Download the beta now.

Monster Hunter World is still in development, and according to the details revealed by Capcom Community Manager earlier this year – the game is targeting 30FPS on PS4 and Xbox One. Enjoy 20 Minutes of Monster Hunter World gameplay that shows character creation and weapons.