More Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay On December 1 At The Game Awards 2016: Bioware

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Gamers keep asking when they’ll finally see more Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay. While we’ve already seen the title in action at September’s PlayStation Meeting, we’re still waiting for more and more consistent gameplay as soon as possible, considering Electronic Arts and BioWare will be dropping the game in Spring.

New Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay

Now we’ve got a new confirm – more Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay will be coming at The Game Awards 2016, on December 1. This was already reported at the end of the N7 trailer, but it’s good to see BioWare is keen to keep this promise after the game showed to be so elusive lately.

“On December 1, you’ll get a first look at Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay at @thegameawards,” the tweet reports. Possibly we’ll be watching more story related gameplay, describing new characters in the party and more of the protagonists. Are we going to see BioWare play as a female protagonist, or we’ll see the new male Shepard in action?