More Than 100,000 Achievements Available On Xbox Live Through Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows PC and Windows Phone

A TrueAchievements infographics has revealed there are now more than 100,000 achievements available on Xbox Live through Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows Phone. This is an achievemen itself, as the reward system created by Microsoft while launching Xbox 360 is nearly 10 years old.

Xbox One App On Windows 10

Games available with achievements to unlock are currently 3100, coming from 304 different publishers, with a total of 2,300,227 Gamerscore points spread between them. 76% of the entire amount is spread through Xbox 360, while only 14% are on Xbox One and 5% on Windows Phone.

While 2011 has been the year with the greatest amount of achievements released, 2015 is predicted to beat it and pass the 15K mark by the end of the year, also thanks to Windows 10’s launch.

Hexic HD’s Cluster Buster is the most unlocked achievement of all times, granting 5 Gamerscore points on Xbox 360. The game was delivered free of charge with each Microsoft old-gen console. Also Halo 3’s Landfall (20G), Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Two Birds With One Stone (10G) and Gears of War’s Prison Breakout (10G) have proved to be very popular.

Take a look at the entire infographic for all the tips about Xbox Live’s achievements.

100000 Achievements On Xbox Live