More Watch Dogs PS4 Retail Version Gameplay Videos Leaked, Shows Full Map, Free Roam and Boat Gameplay

Watch Dogs Chicago City Comparison Screenshot

Earlier, we reported about one Instagram user getting retail copy of Watch Dogs Playstation 4 version early. Now this user has started sharing gameplay footage of Watch Dogs showing how the game looks on Sony’s next-gen gaming beast.

Watch Dogs

The first footage is over 16 minutes long and showcase free roam around Chicago City. The second one is around 2 minutes long and shows Boat gameplay. There’s also a 16 secs video showing the world map of Watch Dogs. Beware guys, these videos might feature some Spoilers.

Watch Dogs is officially scheduled to launch on May 27 for Xbox One, PC, PS3, PS4 and PC. Yesterday the first legit review of Watch Dogs arrived via French Magazine “Jeux Video”. The publication awarded Watch Dogs and excellent review score of 19/20 didn’t criticize storyline: Read full breakdown of the review “Spoiler Free” in our coverage: First Watch Dogs Review From French Magazine Arrived, Overall Score 19/20, Thumps Down To Story