Morin defends Watch Dogs PS4/Xbox One Resolution/FPS figures, comparison with GTA V

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Ubisoft has finally revealed resolution and FPS figure at which their upcoming open world hacking video game will run on next-gen consoles PS4 and Xbox One, its 900p/30 FPS and 792/30 FPS respectively. This announcement didn’t go down to well with fans as at one point it was rumored that Watch Dogs on Playstation 4 will run at glorious 1080p/60 FPS resolution.

Watch DogsWatch Dogs Creative Director Jonathan Morin via Twitter has clarified why development team went for 900p/30 FPS and 792/30 FPS. In a series of tweetes, Morin clarified:

I said it is one element in every aspect of a game. Watch_Dgos is about dynamism. It could not have been the case
Everything is related to each other and everything is a choice in game development.
You decide to have dynamism like ours in a full city than you must embrace it when it comes down to choices.
You guys can decide to extract resolution from the big picture to make it easier of a choice for you ūüôā but I can’t.
I am not denying that resolution have an impact but its about cost and impact. It is always about that.
So you guys are free to interpret, it is your right. My job is to make choices based on the game we are making.
Everything is related to each other even in visual alone.
Someone who knows a lot about visual can have to pick between a global FX and high resolution and sometime the global FX on with less pixels looks better than the other way around.
Everything is connected no matter which way you look at it. So when I say it is a “number” I mean among others…
Visual is a crucial aspect of any game experience no matter which angle you take
But it is not the only angle to consider. Everything is an catch 22 in my job :). I could decide to ignore this fact But that would make me one hell of a shitty Creative Director.
ot that I am perfect, but for me density, dynamism through control of hacking and seamless online are core elements. They are what brings players elsewhere when they play. So when it gets in the way of these then everything else loses.

When one Twitter user compared Watch Dogs on next-gen with GTA V on last gen: “last gen GTA5 blew minds w/ 512k; 6gb now and WD looks like crap! For “density”? Morin replied:

And its for dynamism I said. Interacting with everything as well as seamless.
They are tones of things to push in games. WD push visual but also interactivity.
You can desire to remove AI, seamless, 30fps and some hacks for other stuff
WD was always about hacking as you please in the dynamic beautiful city.

Morin ended the topic on a good note:

“Every spec compete with another in the end. If you dig visual so much you should consider this: Its often not the obvious combinations that gives the best results visually. Its not that simple.”

Now tell us in the comment section below, are you guys happy with the clarification of Morin on Watch Dogs resolution/fps figure for PS4 and Xbox One?