Move tutors and Ultra Necrozma teased in new Ultra Sun and Moon trailer


Nintendo just released a brand new trailer showcasing what appears to be Ultra Necrozma in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon.

Ultra Necrozma was discovered during a datamine of the game a few days ago and has been rumored to be in the game for awhile. With the new trailer, Ultra Necrozma is near-enough confirmed to be a part of the game—though how players can use the Pokémon in fights has still not been revealed.

The trailer also highlighted one of the most requested inclusions for the new games—Move Tutors.

Move Tutors are non-player characters who will teach a Pokémon specific moves that Pokémon could otherwise not learn from leveling up.

The Move Tutor was missing in Pokemon Sun and Moon which left a lot of fans frustrated. A Move Tutor is vital for players who want to create a specific Pokemon for battling..

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon launched Nov. 17.