Here’s how to find all the purple coins in the Mushroom Kingdom


When heading back to a Nintendo 64-themed paradise in Super Mario Odyssey, players might find themselves a little lost.

One hundred coins are hidden throughout the Mushroom Kingdom beside nostalgic throwbacks of gaming’s past. Some can be found out in the open while others are hiding in not-so obvious places.

Because there are so many coins in this area, use the map below to find every location.

1) The first set of coins can be found in the fountain near the Odyssey.

2) You can find another three coins just above the rocks to the west of the Odyssey.

3) Another three can be found to the south of the Odyssey in the flower fields.

4) Let’s start our journey at the Lake. You can find a bunch of coins on top of Nessie.

5) There are also three coins located in the lake underwater. You can find them just under the nearby checkpoint flag.

6) Near the tower next to the lake, just south of the coins you got on the rocks (2) will be three coins hovering on the roof.

7) Follow the river the end of the world near the lake. Three coins are waiting behind the waterfall.

8) Just to the side of the pool, hidden up against the wall, are three more of those pesky purple coins.

9) The last of the coins near the lake are just above the waterfall that is pouring water into the lake itself.

10, 11) Returning to the Odyssey, players will notice a path up to Peach’s castle. Just under the bridge hides a few coins. There are also three coins on the path to the castle itself.

12) Just before entering Peach’s castle, players can discover a few coins under the bridge on top of the water.

13) There are three coins located behind the entrance to Peach’s castle entrance. You can jump up onto the roof and grab them with ease.

14) Enter Peach’s castle and walk up to the throne to find a few more of those hidden purple coins.

15, 16) Head over to the eastern side of the map. You will discover a small maze made out of floors and hedges. Six coins will be waiting for you on the outside.

17) You can also find more coins to the east of the maze, just by the nearby tower. Be careful not to fall.

18) There are also three more coins just further down near the maze, to the most northeast point of the kingdom.

19) Keep heading north from the small maze and you will discover another small lake. There are a bunch of coins around this area trailing down a small river. Three coins will be inside this small lake and another two above a nearby tree.

20, 21) Keep following the river down and you will come across another load of coins just before reaching the goomba wood.

22, 23) Near the door that leads to the Super Mario 64 easter egg, players will find two lots of coins on either side. Look out for the Toad wearing a Mario cap.

24) Another three coins lie hidden near one of the many towers. These are located at the Goomba forest. You can either jump up to grab them or use a nearby beansprout.

25, 26) There is a secret tunnel located just west of Peach’s castle. The tunnel gives players a quicker way to go from Goomba wood towards the lake and has four coins inside of it, as well as three coins on top of the north entrance.

27) After exiting the northern entrance, you can find three more coins just to the west.

28) Ontop of the western-most tower, just south of Peach’s castle, hide another set of three coins.

29) Just above the large lake hides a set of six coins close together, just west of the western-most tower.

30) To the west of Peach’s castle, near the entrance, hide two coins above a nearby bunch of trees.

31) The last of the coins are just in the air, next to the river, above a mushroom that can be used as a springboard.