Splatoon 2’s latest NA Splatfest is a lot better than Europe’s last contest

Splatoon 2 Update

North America recently revealed the theme for its Splatfest for Splatoon 2, which begins Oct. 13—and it’s miles ahead of the most recent concept in Europe.

North America will have a Halloween-themed event, with players needing to decide which are better: Werewolves or vampires. Europe, on the other hand, will jump into Splatfest today to fight over how to put rolls of toilet paper into a holder—yes, you read that correctly.

There really isn’t any contest on which one we would rather take part in.

Splatfests are monthly events that happen over a single weekend. Splatoon 2 players choose teams and play against each other to try to unlock in-game items that can upgrade and change in-game gear. Playing more games helps you get a higher rank and a bigger reward.

The Splatfest will last the entire weekend, with the winning team being announced a few days later on Splatoon 2’s in-game news channel.