Nasty Dead Space 3 Infinite Item Glitch Discovered


A nasty (but only for developer and not for fans) glitch has been discovered in Dead Space 3 that allow gamers access to infinite items (resource).

Dead Space 3

You can check out how Dead Space 3 Infinite Item Glitch works, all thanks to our friends at OnlySp:

The description of the footage reads as follow: “This is a exploit in Dead Space 3 that allows for infinite items. Platform was PC. Naturally, there are spoilers.

The exploit is located in Chapter 14. I had already cleared these lockers and gone upstairs to see Ellie and get the keycard at this point. I am continuing my save, but I imagine it works if you select the chapter.

Upon loading, the two wall lockers in this corridor are full. Basically, open the lockers, take the items, then save and quit your game. Reload your game and continue from your save. The lockers have respawned their items. Voila!

I have not confirmed, but I imagine this works in any room with a save point and lockers. The way the inventory and only the inventory saves on exiting leaves the entire system open to shameless abuse. Item farming and exploiting the save system will allow many players to avoid the microtransactions in the game.”

Let us know in the comment section below, whether this glitch worked for you or not?