Nasty Xbox One Disc Reject Issue With Grinding Sound Reported


Xbox One has finally arrived in few European countries and as expected early users are experiencing some nasty launch issues such unable to update to Day One firmware, freez and others. The lastest addition to these is Xbox One rejecting discs.

Xbox OneVine user Danny Brookes has uploaded footage showing his new Xbox One behaves when he tries to play disc, the console rejects it. Not only this during ejecting process it makes horrendous noise that sounds as if something is grinding inside Xbox One. You can view the footage HERE.

Danny has contacted the retail shop from where he bought the console, and he has been given an assurance that it will be swap by morning.

As per the report we have received from few of our eaders, this Xbox One reject discs issue is widespread and is faced by many.

Have you bought Xbox One?, let us know in the comment section below the issues you are facing?