Nathan Drake Is Lead Protagonist of Uncharted for PS4 says Playstation Russia

Uncharted Loses Another Director

Playstation Russia seems to have just confirmed that the lead protagonist of Uncharted for Playstation 4 is “Nathan Drake”. The following message was posted by Playstation Russia on their official Facebook Page.

“Спешим поделиться с вами важной новостью: вышел первый ролик Uncharted для PlayStation 4! Как думаете, куда на этот раз занесет судьба Натана Дрейка?”

It translate something like this via Google Translator: “We are glad to share with you important news: the first PlayStation 4 Uncharted movie! How do you think, where will fate this time Nathan Drake?

We have the snapshot of the post below for you, just in-case Playstation Russia decides to delete it.

Nathan Drake Confirmed For PS4 version of Uncharted

Uncharted for Playstation 4 was announced at PS4 All Access Event by Naughty Dog. A teaser trailer for the game featuring a voice over and few locations was also released. You can watch Uncharted For PS4 Teaser Trailer HERE.

For those who doubt credibility of Playstation Russia, way back in 2013, Playstation Russia leaked the announcement of Mass Effect 3 reveal at Spike TV VGAs.