Naughty Dog commented on Why they are not developing Uncharted for NGP?

We know that Uncharted game is all set to released for Sony’s upcoming handheld NGP, however the handheld version of the game will not be developed by its original developer Naughty Dog, it will be Sony Bend. Fans of the game were asking only question why Naughty Dog not developing Uncharted for NGP?.

Uncharted for NGP

Arne Meyer, Naughty Dog community boss, has answered this question at Playstation Experience press event in London last week, where they were showcasing Uncharted 3 for PS3.

Meyer said that “We’re a one game studio so it would be very challenging for us,”

“I know a long time ago we had looked at trying to do that as well, but it’s really about what makes sense for the universe and for the franchise as well.”

“Sony Bend’s a great studio, we have a great relationship with them, so it’s really exciting to see a new platform and see what they can do with it given all of the new control options they’ve got as well.”

Whom you wanted to develope the Uncharted game for NGP?, do lets us know as a comment to this news.