Naughty Dog Dev: DX12 Won’t Be A Game Changer on Xbox One, Definitely Huge Step Forward In CPU Performance for PC


We have heard a lot about Direct X12 benefits for Xbox One, some says it will definitely improve overall performance and will be a major boost and will help developers touch that 1080p resolution mark for their games. Recently, Xbox Division Boss, Phil Spencer stated that DX 12 will unlock more capability for developers working on Xbox One.

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What developers working at Naughty Dog thinks about Direct X12 benefit for Xbox One? I contacted Ramy El Garawany, Graphics programmer at Naughty Dog for his views on Direct X12 and whether it will be game changer and bring in much needed boost for Xbox One? To this he replied that DX12 will be a huge step forward in CPU performance for PC.

Everyone is complaining about OpenGL and DirectX while I’m sitting here happily optimizing for #PS4.

“I wouldn’t call it a game changer on xbone. But it’s definitely a huge step forward in CPU performance for PC!” replied Ramy EI Garawany.


For those who say this comment on DirectX 12 comes from Naughty Dog Developer, i would like to clarify that Ramy El Garawany previously worked at Electronic Arts and recently joined Naughty Dog: Software Engineer at Electronic Arts May 2012 – April 2014 (2 years)

I went back to Brad Wardell, Founder & CEO of Stardock, who recently commented on Phil Spencer’s DX 12 won’t be a massive change statement.

Twitter used “Paul Eccleston” responded Wardel: “I think Phil was asking people to be realistic with expectations, a performance boost but not 588%. That’s how I read his tweets”

To this Wardell replied: “hard to tell. Mantle gave our engine a 6x boost over dx11 on same hardware.”

He further clarified what exactly that “6X” figure means:

“and before someone takes that out of context 6x was showing lots of units at once. Ymmv.”

I then enquired Wardell: “if mantle provided you 6x boost over dx11? how much performance boost you expect from dx12 for your engine?” to this he replied:

“too early to say but a lot. MS’s claim of 2x sounds right.”

When asked further: “so can you tell us how helpful it will be to developers, will resolution-gate finally comes to end with this?” Wardell replied:

“depends in the game. The more objects, the more it helps.”

Direct X12 will launch in Holiday 2015, so there’s still lot of time left for its launch but its already a huge topic of discussion, so says it will improve performance of Xbox One whereas other presents an altogether different scenario.