Nelson teasing something Extraordinary at E3 2014, “Something That’s Never Been Done Before”


If latest words from the mouth of Microsoft’s Major Nelson are to believed, this year’s E3 is going to be the biggest in Microsoft history. Nelson just announced that at E3 2014 they’re doing something that is never done before.

Xbox OneIn his weekly podcast, Major Nelson said: “It’s going to be the first time this has ever been done at E3. Ever.”

This doesn’t sounds like a simple game or other announcements, its something massive. Phil Spencer has already promised an exciting E3 2014 focusing mainly on hardcore gamers and announcement of new IPs and sequels.

We have already heard few ground-breaking announcements from Microsoft last week: “Halo 5: Guardians, Games with Gold for Xbox One, no need of Xbox Live subscription for accessing entertainment apps like Netflix and others”.

Tell us in the comment section what exactly Major Nelson is teasing with this BOLD statement, any guesses? Share it with us