New Advertising Material for Xbox One Arrived at Blockbusters UK Today


Take a look at some brand new promotional material of Xbox One that arrived today at one of the store of UK retailer “Blockbusters”.

Xbox OneThese images was sent by Blockbuster store staff along with few inside details on number of Xbox One stocks that will be available at the store at launch.

Here is what the Store staff said: “From November 12th they have to suspend all Xbox One Hardware pre-orders as they need to free up units for bigger stores”.

Furthermore, “Clearly with Blockbuster not doing so well in the UK at the moment (a lot of store closures) Microsoft are limiting stock to Blockbusters! They have also been told that on top of pre-orders they will receive 30 Xbox One Day One Editions for sale on November 22nd for non pre-orderers and on the 25th they will receive 60 Standard Editons for that new week.”

This is really not an exciting news for Xbox fans in UK but it does give an idea into how many consoles are being allocated to small retailers.