New AMD Radeon Relive Driver offers Performance Boost for upcoming Andromeda

A new driver released by AMD, version 17.3.2, features fixes and performance boost for two new games. One is upcoming Mass Effect Andromeda and second one is For Honor. AMD has constantly tried to release fresh drivers for new games separately, while such issue is not much noticed on Nvidia due to availability of a good driver support. Well this time AMD targets two games with other fixes that are shared a patch log summary below.

AMD Radeon Relive Driver

AMD’s new Radeon Relive Driver will offer a performance boost up to 12% for Mass Effect Andromeda on RX480 series graphic card. Two more games which will benefit are For Honor and Division. AMD has shared the patch notes on the official site that you can checkout for detailed info on various fixes provided by the driver.

For Mass Effect: Andromeda that driver will add 12% performance compared to the previous one along with optimization of Tessellation Profile. Under fixes, the driver will work on the texture corruption located in The Division, with similar fixes For Honor dealing with texture flickering, etc.

The patch log has a huge list of fixes for many known issues faced by gamers on various other games like Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands, Battlefield 1, Shadow Warrior, etc.

AMD Radeon 17.3.2 Official Patch Logs