Nintendo teases new animals for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp


Nintendo is teasing seven new animals coming to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, per the official Japanese Twitter account.

From left to right starting with the three on top, the animals are Drake the duck, June the bear cub, Marshall the squirrel, Vesta the sheep, Goose the chicken, Mitzi the cat, and Avery the eagle

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If the animal shapes don’t give them away, it’s the clothes the silhouettes are wearing that do. Animal Crossing veterans should recognize the lot of seven by their original clothing choices, each which will become available to Pocket Camp players as they make friends in-game.

With so many updates on the horizon, it’s a great time to be a Pocket Camp player. Nintendo hasn’t laid out a timeline for the new Animal Crossing characters, but it likely won’t be too long. Perhaps they’ll become available when the clothes crafting update goes live?

For now, Pocket Camp players will just have to enjoy planting flowers in their gardens.