A New Augmented Reality Game: Draconius GO


In the Summer of 2016, Niantic introduced us to a brand-new world of mobile gaming with the augmented reality game of Pokémon GO. This fall, a new game from Elyland has emerged called Draconius GO. While Draconius GO has a lot of similarities to Pokémon GO, the differences make up for it in the long run.

The point of Draconius GO is to catch all the different 125 creatures that roam the land and be the most powerful Beastmaster. You can collect items in the game by leveling up, or by spinning a Pillar of Abundance to obtain potions, revives, magical treats, Common and Ancient Eggs, and Spheres, which are used to catch creatures. Any of this sound familiar yet?

Once you’ve made your choice from three different starting creatures, you head into the game. Let’s look at some of its features more closely.

Arenas and Libraries

A New Augmented Reality Game: Draconius GO
ArenasTL;DR Games • Fair Use

Draconius GO has its own gym system called Arenas that you can participate in when you reach level five. You then choose between the two different Orders to be a part of, the Red Order or the Blue Order. You place your creature in the Arena, level the Arena up to make it harder for anyone else to take it, and collect Coins every 21 hours. You can hold up to 10 Arenas at a time, and if you’re lucky, one of the Arenas will give you a bonus to collect even more coins.

Not only can you battle in Arenas, but you can also place your creatures in a Library to retrain one of its moves. While you don’t earn Coins from a Library, you can still level it up and make it harder for it to be taken down. If you successfully defend a Library for 90 hours, you can change one move from a creature of your choosing. The more Libraries you hold, the faster the timer goes down. After changing a move, you will have a 70 hour cool down period before being able to use a Library again, so choose wisely.


A feature unique to Draconius GO is that you can travel through Portals to catch different types of creatures you wouldn’t normally find in the regular world. Portals can be found throughout the world and can pop up in random locations. The Portals are active for 24 hours before they move to another spot. Once you enter a Portal, the Rift area is confined to a certain location and if you travel outside of the Rift, you will no longer be able to see any creatures or spin any Pillars. Some Portals also hold the location of the Mother of Dragons, which will hatch Ancient eggs for you.

Mother of Dragons and Eggs

A New Augmented Reality Game: Draconius GO
Mother of DragonsTL;DR Games • Fair Use

You can obtain Common and Ancient Eggs in the game to hatch creatures for you. The Common Eggs can be placed in to a Dragon Cocoon and walked until they hatch. Common Eggs range from 2km, 5km, and 10km, with more powerful creatures coming from Ancient Eggs. When I received my first Ancient Egg and was told to find the Mother of Dragons, I was completely lost. Once I discovered a portal, found the Mother of Dragons, and deposited my Egg, I was rewarded with a powerful creature. While Common Eggs use kilometers as a means of measuring to hatch, Ancient Eggs use time and range from two hours, five hours, and ten hours. Once hatched, these creatures are more powerful than those that come from Common Eggs.

Duel of Wizards

One feature Trainers in Pokémon GO have been wanting for a long time is player versus player. Draconius GO has a player versus player mode called Duel of Wizards. Once you reach level 9, you unlock this mode. You are matched up against a random player and use your six most powerful creatures to fight each other. You can battle up to three times per day, or increase your amount to seven battles per day for one week by using coins. Once you use up all your battles, you have a 21 hour cool down period before you can battle again. This is a great way to earn experience and Essence which is used to power your creatures up.

Bestiary and Creatures

A New Augmented Reality Game: Draconius GO
BestiaryTL;DR Games • Fair Use

You can keep track of how many creatures you’ve caught by checking your Bestiary. Some creatures you catch have the ability to evolve. Once you catch a creature, you can power it up using Soul Stones and Essence. Soul Stones are linked to the creature you’ve caught, meaning if you caught a Frogus and decide to power it up, it will use Frogus Stones, which you obtain by catching more Frogus. To catch more creatures, it is best to be around a Pillar of Abundance and set a Lure as spawns in the game are hard to come by.

After playing the game for almost a week now, I can’t wait to delve more in to it. Draconius GO has certainly caught my attention and I will be playing more in the days to come. If you want to learn more, head over to the official Draconius GO website or take a look at their Facebook page.