New Batman: Arkham Game In The Making At Warner Bros Montreal, WIP Images Leaked


It seems a new Batman: Arkham game might be in the making. This time, it doesn’t look like it’s Rocksteady the development team that’s building it from the ground up, but Warner Bros. Montreal, the software house behind the third title in the series – Batman: Arkham Origins, the one that serves as a prequel.

New Batman Arkham Game From WB Montreal

The rumor comes from a video where the Canadian studio, searching for new recruits that could help in the development process of upcoming games, shows some early, very early never seen before Batman footage. It’s Batman, no doubt about it, but what we don’t know is whether it could be yet another Arkham title or a brand new series. Also, The date on the computer in the images (below) is 09/10/2015.

Recent rumors said we’d be playing as Batman’s son throughout the game in a bigger, more realistic and explorable open world environment with day/night cycle, but we don’t have more clues now.

Looking at how successful the Batman: Arkham brand has become, we’d opt for the first hypothesis, even though it remains to be determined what Rocksteady could be working on now. When Batman: Arkham Origins was in the making at Warner Bros. Montreal, they were building Batman: Arkham Knight and VR – what about now?

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