New Batman Game (2017) By Warner Bros Montreal Being Rebooted – Insider


Back in February 2017, an ex-employee of Warner Bros leaked details regarding the next Batman game in development at studios’ Montreal branch. This anonymous ex-employee went on to share details about the Plot, Combat, Main Villains, Release Date Out, and the title (Batman: Arkham Insurgency). Today, Jason Schreier, news editor for Kotaku has shared some additional news details about the new Batman game coming from Warner Bros Montreal.

Jason didn’t say a word about the February 2017 leak, in fact, he was asked by a fan on Twitter whether the game is going to be unveiled at E3 2017, and did he has any new information to share about the game? To this Jason replied that “I wouldn’t get your hopes up too much for that one yet (E3 2017 reveal). Last I heard it was rebooted.”

So according to Jason, the new Batman game from Warner Bros is a reboot. You guys can check out the Jason reply below.