New Battlefield 5 Is Not Going To Be “Battlefield 1944”, Leaked Image Confirmed As Fake

After months of rumors, Electronic Arts has announced the new Battlefield game will be officially presented on Friday, May 6 at 4PM ET/9PM BST/10PM CET, during a world premiere event which will provide us with “a first look at the future of Battlefield”.

Battlefield 1944

Immediately after this officially announcement from Electronic Arts, an image appeared on the internet stating that the new Battlefield game is going to be called “Battlefield 1944” and it will launch on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in March 2017. You guys can check out the image below.

I would like to inform our readers and all Battlefield fans out there that the image we are talking here is completely FAKE, and here’s why: “The wavy artifacting comes from taking a picture of a monitor. Unless EA’s got an IMAX in-house, you wouldn’t see that sort of distortion, as they’d use a projector.”

When a user on Reddit tested the image, he discovered that it was photoshopped, it’s a Samsung monitor. Check out the image below.

This means all Battlefield fans should camly wait for May 6 at 4PM ET/9PM BST for a first look at the future of Battlefield.

battlefield-1944-fake.png battlefield-1944-fake-confirmed.png