New cards, chests, and an arena have been added in the latest Clash Royale update


An electrifying update has added two new cards, three chests, and an arena to Clash Royale.

Electro Valley is the latest arena to join Clash Royale. It’s now the 11th arena in the game, and players need 3,400 trophies to reach this level. This also means that the Legendary Arena has been pushed back to Arena 12.

A new cards that can be unlocked once you reach the Electro Valley is the Zappies. This rare card costs four elixir, and it summons three little electric critters that can neutralize even the biggest of foes.

The second card introduced in this new update is the Hunter. This four-elixir epic card can be obtained once you reach the Jungle Arena, which is the ninth arena in Clash Royale. The Hunter deals some serious damage in close-quarters engagements, but he loses accuracy and power at range.

Additionally, three new chests have been added to the game: the Lightning Chest, the Fortune Chest, and the Legendary King’s Chest.

A Lightning Chest costs 250 gems, and it allows you to replace the card stacks you receive up to five times. For 750 gems, players can purchase the Fortune Chest, which provides four different card stacks and you’re guaranteed to get at least one of them. Finally, the Legendary King’s Chest is an absolute monster. It costs 2,500 gems, and it lets you pick which cards you unlock—and you’re guaranteed to get a legendary card.

Several cards were also adjusted in this update, including hit speed increases to the Hog Rider and Knight. If you’re a fan of Clash Royale, it’s time to get out there and test these new cards.