New Creatures Coming to Draconius GO in Winter Update


Elyland announced that the new creatures will be coming to Draconius GO in early January. While we don’t know what kind of creatures will be added, we can expect them to be wonderful and exotic. Another thing that isn’t clear is how many will be added. Currently there are only 125 creatures in Draconius GO. If it’s anything like another certain Augmented Reality game we know, it will double in size.

New Creatures Coming to Draconius GO in Winter Update

Along with the announcement of new creatures coming, a new winter update is coming as well. What this update will consist of is listed below.

  • Dozens of new creatures to expand your Bestiary.
  • In case of defeating a creature in a Duel of Wizards, you will, with some probability, receive the soul stone of the defeated creature.
  • The rewards for the daily tasks will also include reducing of the cool down until the next Duel of Wizards.
  • Unnecessary artifacts can be sold for essence.
  • There will be a new buff from chests in the game.
  • The Lure for creatures can also be placed in the Pillars of Abundance, which are created by spell.

Elyland also states that many other changes will be coming to Draconius GO, but does not list what changes they are. It’s nice to see that Draconius GO is expanding and growing, while its rival Pokémon GO still seems to be stuttering a little bit. I can’t help but think that the expansion of the Bestiary in Draconius GO is a way to try and beat the arrival of Gen 3 in Pokémon GO, so they can draw more players to the game. Whatever the folks at Elyland are doing, they’re doing a great job of it, and I am looking forward to catching these new creatures.