New details on Test Drive Unlimited 2 Revealed

New details about the upcoming racing game title Test Drive Unlimited 2 has been revealed by First Magazine.

Test Drive Unlimited 2

First Magazine has published their preview for the game which reveals lots of interesting details, Check them out below:

  • There are two radios for Ibiza and the island of Ohau, the scene of the first part.
  • Realistic damage model
  • Pink Slips, where one can lose his car in a race or win the opponent of
  • 20 wrecks in the game, where you can win a duck or a beetle, which can be found, however, difficult
  • A total of 60 houses there with 20 different interior spaces exist on both islands
  • 101 vehicles confirmed with authentic and distinctive handling
  • More vehicles by DLC in the months and years after release
  • Eden Games has its own buggy in the game
  • Vehicles have original performance, unless they were tuned
  • The amount in the single player game is about 100 hours
  • Highest Level 60
  • The BETA test showed that the servers were reliably even under extreme conditions

Test Drive Unlimited 2 will appear on February 11 in Europe.