New DriveClub Details: “Female Drivers confirmed, No Screen Tearing Issue, Headlight ON/OFF Automatic”


We have some new details about Evolution Studios upcoming Playstation 4 exclusive title, DriveClub. Via Twitter, Game Direct Paul Rustchynsky talked about inclusion of female drivers in DriveClub, screen tearing issue in recent gameplay footage, whether or not it will be possible to turn headlights ON/OFF.


Paul first confirmed that players will have an option to play as a lady driver in DriveClub and added that details on character personalization in DriveClub will be revealed in coming days.

Furthermore, Paul clarified that screen tearing issue in new gameplay footage of DriveClub was due to some bug in the player on the website, there’s nothing like that in DriveClub.

“That’s just the video player on the web site, it doesn’t happen in the game.”

Lastly, Paul announced that in DriveClub, players won’t have option to manually turn ON/OFF headlights. This means it will happen automatically and might depend entirely on lightning/weather condition.

DriveClub is scheduled to launch on October 8, 2014 exclusively on Playstation 4.