New DriveClub Info Blowout: “Reason behind locked 30 FPS, Dynamic Day/Night cycle, Fame level up system”

DriveClub Game Director Paul Rustchynsky just announced that the game runs at 1080p/30 FPS resolution on Playstation 4.

DriveClubThe announcement received mixed reactions from fans and critics and Paul was forced to issue a clarification as to why development team at Evolution Studios selected 30 FPS instead of 60 FPS.

Paul clarified via comment section on PlayStation Blog:

“The most important thing for a racing game is a locked frame-rate – whether it’s 30fps or 60fps. It’s vital that every controller input you make is consistent and also equal for all drivers. We chose a locked frame-rate for this very reason and with 30fps we don’t have to hold back any of the obsessive visual detail in our game”

He also confirmed that DriveClub won’t feature dynamic day/night cycle and explained that the idea looks good on paper but loses lot of magic and diversity when played in real time:

“We tested this because on paper it sounds really cool, but when you actually play at the real time of day for a while you lose a lot of the magic and diversity. We allow you to customise the start time and the time compression (time lapse) in every race you set up, so you have lots of flexibility yourself”

Lastly, Paul explained that working of FAME system in DriveClub and how players will buy new cars, skin, parts and other extra goodies:

“In DRIVECLUB every action you perform, whether that’s drifting in style, reaching insane top speeds or drafting an opponent to set up an overtake, you earn FAME. When you earn enough fame you level up and when you do you unlock new cars to race with! The same goes for you club. When your club reaches specific levels you’ll earn new cars, which everyone in the club gets immediate access to. It’s a simple and focussed approach that allows everyone to help each other to earn more and play more”

Do you guys support the decision of Evolution Studios to lock DriveClub at 30 FPS on PS4? Tell us in the comment section below.