New GTA Online Vehicle Resell Glitch Works Post patch 1.04, Full Tutorial Revealed

Grand Theft Auto V GameInformer Screen 4

Rockstar Games recently released GTA V patch 1.04 with an aim to fix numerous glitches and bugs that allow players to earn million/billion GTA$ in GTA Online. The developer to some extent in disabiling few glitches and bugs but GTA Community went a step ahead and has already discovered new glitch to make millions of GTA$.

GTA OnlineRead below the entire tutorial on how to make millions via Vehicle Resell Glitch post patch 1.04:

Step 1

  • Start an invite only session of GTA Online.

Step 2

  • Have a custom car that you’ve heavily modified. The Sultan RS is a good one to use and you can resell it for around $72K if modified. Note that you cannot use super/premium cars though.

Step 3

  • Park your car close to Los Santos Customs (LSC) and then go to pause –> options –> set spawn point. Select a spot close to LSC.

Step 4

  • Then hold down on the d-pad and select a story mode character. You’ll spawn into single player mode.

Step 5

  • Once in single player mode hold down on the d-pad again and select your GTA Online character.

Step 6

  • You should then spawn inside your custom vehicle near the LSC.

Step 7

  • From here simply drive the vehicle into the LSC and proceed to sell it. As soon as you sell it though (and I mean very quickly) press start –> online –> swap character.

Step 8

  • This will take you to the GTA Online character selection screen. Simply select the character you are already using (do NOT cancel/back out).

Step 9

  • You should spawn next to the LSC at your custom spawn point in your custom vehicle! Then simply repeat steps 6-8!

Let us know in the comment section below if you need any help on this tutorial.

Thanks to Our Friends at GTA5Cheats for above tutorial