New GTA V Details Leaked: Skills, Returning Characters, Car Flipping And Many More

GTA V Map 1

Few lucky gamers are already enjoying their time with Grand Theft Auto V (as they got access to retail copy of GTA V early by some means) and we are left with just leak GTA V gameplay footage and details.

Some brand new details about GTA V has just arrived via Reddit user “hogaboga”. The details are regarding car flipping, cops, player’s skill, returning characters and many more things.

Here is that “hogaboga” revealed about GTA V:

  • If you flip your car over, you can flip again by using the right stick.
  • If you abandon a car you have applied any customization to, you can recover it at the vehicle impound for 250$. I don’t know how many or how long it saves there.
  • You level up your skills by either performing well (headshots, top speed, close calls, stuns++) or just doing flight school/shooting range practice). Swimming and biking seems to increase your stamina faster than just running.
  • There are several returning characters from previous GTA titles. Either by name mentioning or meeting them. Not gonna spoil who, but i have encountered 6 so far that i have recognized.
  • Trevor is batshit crazy. He is also the only protagonist that does not seem to shower/change clothes as everything i change to the other two they have new clothes on them.

GTA V is schedule to arrive on September 17 for PS3 and Xbox 360. You can take a look at leak GTA V gameplay footages HERE, and also a comparison footage between GTA V PS3 vs Xbox 360 HERE.