New GTA V Glitch Allows You To Earn $30,000 In 20 Seconds, Works Post Patch 1.35, Details Revealed

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Thanks to a video posted by a Youtuber, we can now learn how to earn $3000 in 20 seconds when playing Grand Theft Auto Online after installing patch 1.35. This is very qick and easy, and you will only need to follow these three steps you can check below.

GTA V Money Glitch Post Patch 1.35

Step 1: Get in front of the supermarket you can see in the video below and then set it as the last location in the interaction menu so you can always start a new game from there.

Step 2: Start shooting at the items on the shelves until you get a two star wanted level, then kil the shopkeeper so you can reach a three star evaluation.

Step 3: Go to the corner of the store and start a new game session. When you’ll get back to the game, you will notice the wanted level got reset and you were awarded $3000.

The whole process will take 20 seconds to complete, so it really looks like it is worth your time in case you have seen something in-game you desire and can’t buy because, well, you’re poor. Run through the process until Rockstar Games doesn’t notice it and releases a new patch to fix the exploit.