New Hi-Res 23 Min GTA V Gameplay Leak, Show Club Stripping, Prologue and More

GTA V Image 3

Rockstar Games is doing everything they can to stop GTA V gameplay footage leak on internet (the firm is taking measures such as taking down GTA V gameplay footage and banning account that are live streaming GTA V gameplay).

However Rockstar Games are still not getting 100% results from this measures as more and more GTA V gameplay footage are leaked on internet. The latest addition to the leak is this 23 minutes of hi-res GTA V gameplay footage showing prologue, Los Santos City and Stripping in club.’

Take a look at the footage below. Beware Prologue video footage carries Spoilers, whereas stripping footage is strictly (18+).

GTA V mini gameplay from stream HD 5. (Strip club) BR from Lucas Moura on Vimeo.