New Killzone Shadow Fall Details: Singleplayer Frame Rate, Gameplay Length, Loadout Working And More

Killzone: Shadow Fall

Steven ter Heide, Game Director at Guerrilla Games has revealed some brand new details regarding upcoming Playstation 4 exclusive game Killzone: Shadow Fall.

Killzone: Shadow FallThe first thing Steven ter Heide confirmed Killzone: Shadow Fall singleplayer runs at unlocked frame rate and above 30 FPS.

NOTE: Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer runs at 60 FPS, already confirmed by developer.

Steven ter Heide further revealed that singleplayer gameplay length of Killzone: Shadow Fall is well over 10 hours time period.

Steven ter Heide also talked about how does changing loadouts work in Killzone: Shadow Fall

Last but not the least, Steven hinted that switching back to classic Killzone controls or full button customisation might arrive in Killzone: Shadow Fall at a later date after launch.