New Mass Effect Andromeda Details On Skills, Features And Multiplayer Revealed

As we approach the final release date, we have more and more details regarding Mass Effect Andromeda, the upcoming role-playing game in the making at BioWare. Even a new trailer was dropped during the last few hours, offering the first look at multiplayer modes and pre-order bonus to be released upon day one on March 23.

Mass Effect Andromeda Pre-order Trailer

Have a look at the very short clip below, offering the first insight about what we should be expecting from the multiplayer modes featured by Andromeda. Among the pre-order bonus, you can find an XP booster pack, a Nomad skin, and the Deep Space Explorer Armor.

In separate communications provided via Twitter, lead designer Ian Frazier has further commented skills and features to be included in the game. Biotic Blast “is not a thing,” “although Peebee does have biotic powers.” Moreover, “It’s possible to have Flirt + Investigates or Flirt + various Tone options.”

Mass Effect Andromeda is about to ship for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.