New Metro Game To Be Revealed At E3 2016 For PS4, Xbox One and PC: Rumor

It looks like the Metro franchise is about to return sooner rather than later. According to a studio member, the Ukrainian developer is going to be at E3 2016 together with its publisher Deep Silver, and that would mean we’re very close to a new Metro announcement after Metro Redux compilation released in 2014.

Metro For PS4 and Xbox One

The studio member who revealed the information talked about this topic on forum Gameinator, but later removed it replacing it with a generic emoticon. Maybe the information was considered too much spoiler and detailed, and the developer might still be keen in not making official its presence in Los Angeles next month.

4A Games has recently opened a new division in Malta, mainly due to the recent Russian/Ukrainian conflict, but efforts for building a brand new IP have failed and it has already confirmed in the short-mid term it is going to work exclusively on the Metro intellectual property.

Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light have been both praised thanks to great graphics and immersive storytelling, blending elements from the RPG and first-person shooter genres.