Nintendo’s New Nintendo 3DS Super NES Edition is coming this November


You can never have too many 3DS handhelds in your life, and the latest themed version to come down the line is one Nintendo fans are certainly going to want to snap up. The New 3DS XL Super NES Edition is coming to the US, exclusively available through Amazon, this November. 

The US version, like the European release announced about a month ago, is making its way to gamers emblazoned with a Super Nintendo motif, matching buttons, and a full-size graphic on the lid of the handheld. It also comes with a digital copy of Super Mario Kart bundled together with it for good measure. It’s almost like getting a Super NES Classic, but without all the hassle. 

You can cart around your favorite Nintendo 3DS games with this bad boy, including the upcoming Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon, as well as the other handheld goodies Nintendo has released this year, like Metroid: Samus Returns.

If you like what you see, you can pre-order the New 3DS XL in all its Super NES glory for $199.99 via Amazon right now. If you want one, make sure you hurry and snap it up, however, because as Nintendo has proven time and time again, you should go ahead and pick up the things you really want from the company while you can. Otherwise, you might fall victim to scalpers and exorbitant online pricing. 

Just make sure you clear out some space in your video game collection for what could possibly be one of the coolest special edition 3DS XLs we’ve seen in some time.