New PS4 and PS VITA Remote Play Feature Details: Battery Life, Number of Buttons Controls and More


Sony is hoping wonders from PS4 and PS VITA remote play feature and this was clearly visible from the fact that at TGS 2013 they talked more about this feature rather than anything else.

SCE Worldwide Studios President, Shuhei Yoshida shared some more details on topic of how this remote play feature will work.

Yoshida first talked about battery life of PS VITA during remote play feature: “It’s very inexpensive (in terms of processing workload). Just as much as network communication. I don’t have precise measurements, but the battery life of the PlayStation Vita will be the same as when playing a game online.”

Furthermore, Yoshida assured PS VITA not to worry about number of buttons of PS VITA while using remote play feature: “However, compared to the DualShock 4 the number of buttons on the Vita is lower. Conversely the DualShock 4 has no touch screen. The DualShock 4 allows for basic gameplay on the PS4, but in order to allow you to play enjoyably with the PS Vita’s remote play, we’re asking developers to offer custom button mapping for the controller.”

Last but not the least, Yoshida shared his opinion of PS4/PS VITA remote play experience: “Since the screen is very large, with PS vita games of course, but even when it displays PS3 games via remote play. it looks beautiful. Combine that with PS4 games and it will be amazing. For those that have a PS Vita, the value of the console will increase. If you try it by yourself, I think you’ll realize there’s no better experience.”

By the talk of Shuhei Yoshida this remote play feature seems to be a killer app for both PS4 and PS VITA. Are you guys ready for this?.